Electrical boat rental Kroondomein

When visiting Giethoorn you of course want to see it from the water, sail through the beautiful village and discover the impressive nature that surrounds Giethoorn.

Kroondomein Giethoorn rents electrical boats to the guests, they all have a steering wheel and cushions. The boats are waiting for you at the park, after a brief instruction you take the wheel and sail off to enjoy all Giethoorn has to offer.

For more information, availability, costs and booking you go to: http://kroondomein.giethoorn.com


Boat rental Giethoorn

It's also possible to rent one of the many boats in Giethoorn, check the link below to see what our colleagues have to offer: http://kroonverhuur.giethoorn.com


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Sailing in Giethoorn