In one of the most beautiful spots of the village of Giethoorn
All chalets feature a private jetty for the boat...
The small-scale holiday park
is located in the car-free part of Giethoorn-Middenbuurt.
Chalets in Giethoorn
Holiday at the water...
Chalets in Giethoorn
At one of the most beautiful spots in the village of Giethoorn...
Chalets in Giethoorn
Chalets in Giethoorn

Museum in Giethoorn

Of the history of the village up to and including a museum which is dedicated to precious stones as well as jewellery, but also shows ancient means of transport, while shells are the subject matters of several museums in Giethoorn.


Crown-domain Giethoorn disposes of several accommodations


In the northern part of the province of Overijssel, the picturesque little village of Giethoorn is located at a distance of less than an hour's driving from the conurbation of western Holland. Giethoorn is an unfamiliar village; because it happens to be that is has an awful lot of one particular thing .........